FAQ - WP SuperHelp
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How do rollover hours work?

The ability to rollover hours is only available to our yearly subscribers (You can change your subscription from monthly to yearly at anytime). If you do not use all of your hours one month, the go into your “rollover bank”. This rollover bank can have a maximum of 4 hours. Once you reach that maximum, any hours you don’t use one month, are lost. However, every month, we do provide a newsletter that has ideas for extra hours you may have – features and functions most sites can benefit from that you could request. Also, as you approach your maximum bank of hours, you can probably expect an individual email from us with specific ideas and suggestions. We only allow 4 hours maximum for several reasons, and the most important being that one of the key ideas behind WP SuperHelp is that sites that are having work done on an ongoing basis will stay fresher and perform better for your business goals and thus we want to discourage going months and months without doing any updates.

How does the WordPress Version updating and Plugin updating work?

Once a month, we audit every site to make sure their WordPress versions and plugins are up to date. With specific regards to WordPress Versions, when major new versions are released we will update all sites within a week, but on minor versions, unless it is because of a major bug/security patch, those updates will take place as we do your monthly audit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not update your WordPress theme as part of your monthy or yearly subscription. This can be done with your hourly work allotment. The reason for this is that themes can be dramatically different in how long they can take to update for a a variety of reasons. From the quality of the theme to did your original developer use a child theme (enabling use to more easily update your theme), the variances are too great to be able to build this into a package of this type. Contact us for an estimate of updating your theme.

How is time tracked or calculated?

We track work in 15 minute increments. Once each ticket is completed, you will see the time it took for that ticket on your tickets page. If a ticket you submit will take you over your 2 hour monthly limit, we will email you to provide you with options for completeing that work. Generally speaking, we can either complete that work and then bill you at the hourly rate of $55 per hour for any time over your two hour limit (i.e. if you went 30 minutes over 2 hours, you would be billed an additional $22.50) or we can set aside that ticket and complete it when you have the hours available the following month.

What about advanced work requests?

If your ticket does not fall into the allowed level of work, we will offer you an estimate for completing that work at the advanced work rate of $75 per hour (billed, as always, in 15 minute increments).

What if I go over the 2 hour limit or want extra work one month?

Both our monthly and yearly subscribers get an hourly rate of $55 for any work that is over the 2 hour mark. We will always check with you before proceeding with any work that would take you over that 2 hour mark or as you approach the 2 hour mark.