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Which social media platform is best for your business?

223_marketing5.jpg-660x265There is a lot of pressure to grow a social media presence for your business but odds are you don’t need to be represented on all the social media platforms. Most social media marketing experts agree that it’s best to focus your efforts on just a couple social media platforms where your target market hangs out. How do you decide which platforms are right for your business? We’ve included a summary on each of the mainstream platforms to help you decide.

With 144 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most notable of social media platforms. The median age for the average Facebook is 46 to 51 years old. The culture is informal and chatty with all connections based on some form of relationship. Businesses and brands of all types are on Facebook for brand awareness and building brand identity, as well and forming a community. If you set up shop on Facebook make sure you portray your business in a friendly and approachable manner and share various updates about your company’s personality. A few “salesy” updates are fine but too many and your customers (and the Facebook algorithm) will tune you out.

Twitter is designed for rapid, responsive information sharing in short bursts of 140 characters. Consider it a huge, ongoing conversation with millions of people talking. The median age on Twitter is between 20 and 30 years old. Users engage with each other on Twitter in the form of conversations, hashtags, retweets and favorites. Some of the most common topics thriving on Twitter related to sports, tech, business, music and entertainment. To get more traction on Twitter drop into one of the hundreds of ongoing Twitter Chats and share your expertise and point of view to connect with others in your industry.

LinkedIn is the ultimate online networking in a nutshell for businesses. The median age on LinkedIn is between 30 and 50, with about 79 % of the users are age 35 or older. The culture is that of a conference, trade show, or business industry event with a professional tone. Typical businesses that are thrive on LinkedIn include service providers in the B2B space. They are more prevalent than manufacturers or retailers. Many use LinkedIn to search out new partnerships or to review other businesses they want to engage in, so you will want to have a solid presence as both an individual and a company.

If you have a business that is visually captivating Pinterest is your ideal social media platform. There are about 70 million people on Pinterest and 85% are women. Although there is much activity around browsing and repining, people who find your business on Pinterest typically spend more money when purchasing than people who find your business on Facebook. Users refer to it for discovery, planning and purchasing a specific topic. Most visual businesses can find a following on Pinterest, but businesses with the most success are in wedding planning, travel, decorating, food, fashion and DIY projects.

YouTube has become more of a search engine than a social media platform with people using it as a way to find a quick video click on topics of all varieties. YouTube has an international following of all ages but majority of viewers are between 18 to 34 years old. YouTube has more than 1 billion users and claims that an average of 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Because of this massive amount of content, businesses need to make sure their video content stands out. Most businesses share short video clips that demonstrate a product or service or introduce something new into their industry.

The Google+ platform allows you to categorize your community into circles with the idea that you can share certain things with your friends that you would not share with your business contacts or family. The median age is between 30 and 50 years old and Google+ users tend to be a more educated and techy crowd but this may continue to change as Google+ becomes increasingly mainstream. Sharing on Google+ gives a boost to your websites SEO since Google integrates G+ activity into its algorithm.

There is clearly no shortage of opportunity for your business on social media. The key is to have a strategy and a presence where you can connect and resonate with your customers. Happy posting!

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